Nature – All around us and we depend on it ! Without nature the humanity can not live.

From the nature we get our food from the dirt where everything grows from. We are very much dependent on all kind of bees to pollinate  our fruit trees. Without polliantion we would not get any fruits Рat all.
Ofcourse you can pollinate by hand but it is time consuming and cost a lot more to produce apples for example. The bees do it all for free.

In some parts of China the bees have disappeared and people pollinate by hand. I America, farmers are renting hives to pollinate because  lack of bees. They take helicopters to get the hive from one place to another.(1)
The nature gives us oxygen when carbon convets, in the tree for example, to oxygen with sunlight. When sunlight hit the leave, carbon are captured and oxygen are released into the atmosphere  that we breath.

The nature is precious, very precious so, take care of it.


“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” – Albert Einstein

(1) ( , 18 mars 2013 )

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