Insects – Have been existing in milions of years

About 1.3 milion of  animal species, 0.9 milion are insects and that is almost 70 % of all known animals species. They can be found in almost any environment and most insects can be found in tropical regions. Some insects can adapt to diffrent kind of ecological niche and some can only use one type of ecological niche. Ecological niche is were a singel species can live and reproduce and have assets. It can be food, vegetation and temperature.(1)

Insects compose of three parts, head, middle body and abdomen. They have sex legs and you can see that on ants and beepictures that I have.

When trees are beeing cut down alot of ecological nisches are dissapering and the biodiversity are beeing lost. Insects (and animals) are loosing their ecological nisches and that can for example effect the pollination and animals. Birds have no insects to eat and they will die or move to another place.(2)

In many forest were there is tree plantation the owner of the forest cuts down old trees and therefore the insect that use old/dead trees is lost. And the birds have hard time to eat and reproduce. Biodiversity are beeing lost in the amazon where trees are cut down for plantation of soya beans. Biodiversity are beeing lost in tropical regions like Indonesia where they cut down the rainforest and plant oil palm.

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