People – We are so many humans on the planet. 31 october 2011 we  were 7 billion people on planet earth.

In the year 1900 there were  2,52 billion people. We are increasing rapidly in number and we expect be 9 billion in 2050.The question is; How many people can we feed? Will there be a peak of human on earth?

In the 1960s people were convinsing that overpopulation would leave to starvation and that is true. We have divided the food wrong on this planet and used the developing countries for cheap labour to get food into the west. (1)

Scientists say that there is two main scientific theories about human origin. One theorie is that humans developed isolated from each other on different part on earth. The other scientific theorie is that the origion of humans developed in Africa and spread across the globe. (2)

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